Top Trends in Customer Service for 2019

Every year brings with itself new technologies that promise to change the way operations are handled in a particular domain. Call center outsourcing is one such domain that profits the most from the evolution of technology. With more and more operations getting outsourced every year, the onus of enhancing services lies on the call centers that handle these operations. It is essential that call centers equip themselves with the latest tech and strive to improve their operations.

Stay Abreast with Trends and Improve Call Center Outsourcing Services

Social Media

With the rise of social media and an increased awareness amongst masses, the outlook towards customer service has changed considerably. In a survey done recently,it was found that over 66% customers switched brands owing to substandard customer service. Such terminations of services by customers incur major financial losses on a business. Hence, to make the process of inbound call center outsourcing profitable,you should put your faith in a call center that makes use of latest technology.Below are the top trends in customer service for the year 2019, which should be looked at, analyzed and incorporated (if deemed valuable) for making call center operations better:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

For many years, AI has been seen as a monster that will take away jobs from millions. However, the reality is far from it. Human touch is an important part of call center services and it is expected to remain that way for many years to come.In 2019, it is expected that AI will be integrated into most customer handling routines to automate processes. This will provide more time to customer services agents to focus on escalated issues. The speed at which AI gathers and analyzes information makes it a necessary tool for automating call center outsourcing processes of the future.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Internet of things (IoT) is expected to have a huge bearing on the role played by customer care executives. Io T-driven customer service will help in formulating a proactive approach to handle daily tasks. As IoT devices gather information on their own, they will help provide more information to customer care executives.This information can be used for enhancing the quality of resolutions provided to the customer, which will in turn, leads to better customer service.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

A hybrid approach towards managing customer data is passé. Complete digital overhaul of inbound call center outsourcing processes is necessary to improve the overall customer experience. It is best to integrate various facets of call center operations with analytics, workforce management and CRM for obtaining best results.Digital transformation is probably the most important and imminent trend that will play a major role in coming years.



Due to an increase in the number of communication channels in customer service, analyzing information has a lot more challenging. Analyzing the performance of a call center executive on phone is simply not good enough anymore. Incorporation of cutting-edge features like analytic dashboards in call center systems is essential for driving a change towards better analytics. In 2019, we can expect an improvement in inbound call center outsourcing through better monitoring and analysis of data.

Whether it is inbound call center outsourcing,outbound contact center outsourcing or back office operations, customer service is expected to change quite a lot in2019. It is best to follow the latest trends and make changes accordingly for best long-term rewards.


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